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Our world is random; at least, the bit a single glance affords. Still, stare at raindrops long enough and you’ll notice a pattern. Here, you’ll find people who have got me here; many of whom I still call on for inspiration. My little way of forcing a pattern through the perceived randomness. You may call it a bookmark of great minds to look out for now and in the future! Of course, the list grows by the minute. Oversights are, of course, (pre-)regretted! Lol

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@XerxesVII ~~~> You know that moment after you’ve been able to string a few words together and feel the world should see the post? The moment when you’re wondering how everyone on your TL will get the link? Well, @XerxesVII put some thought to work and offered an ingenious solution: an app to handle that. He’d often send me midnight DMs with instructions on how to tweak, test and use. I would have been simply inspired by the gesture – but considering 1. He’s a full-time student and 2. I’d never met or complained to the dude, I’m totally blown away. It’s one thing to enjoy what you do; it’s another to be willing to share. What’s more? He’s read every single one of my posts. That’s 48 more than I’ve managed! I’m eternally amazed by this brother. App should go live (and commercial) soon. Please speak with him if you think it’ll be handy.

#Compton ~~~> Pack of bros I’ve been close pals with from Uni. Got tons of respect for each one – for who they are, what they can get done – and what I’ve learnt from them.
Yol: Mature. Legendarily sarcastic. Certified jester. Easily misread as ‘quiet’. Chem Engineer. National Awardee. Gadget-man. #ShoutOut to our cute Omoge oh
Sammy-Lee: Mature. Anime front-liner. Outspoken. Chem Engineer (in his spare time).
QD: Crazy. Smooth-talker. Chics Engineer. [Failed] Artiste (Remember that dinner?). Producer. Can watch movies for charity. Soccer-wise clueless. Hit him if you’re a new artiste [with real talent – or open ears]!
Nangoze: Serial monogamist. Computer Engineer/Scientist (abeg, decide once n for all). Loves a few bottles (ONLY). Sleeps anywhere/how after. Can assemble a PC while hanging from the ceiling of a dark room!
Hack-Maestro: Computer Engineer. Linux/Unix/Networking guru. Mr Fix-It. Pro-Evo Ambassador (yimu).
Bizzle: Covert chics-man. Fantastic cook. House (quack) doc. Twisted sense of humour. Desperate Housewives/SouthPark evangelist!

#BlogVille ~~~> When I first got around to (stammer-)blogging, it was a bit of a bother. Whole new world, no familiar face, just empty space and lots of echoes. These guys provided the much-needed inspiration and helped get me on my way. It’s been a while since then – but I still look up to them for inspiration. And, everything they write is pure class. Don’t have to pre-read to RT whatever they post! Funny how I’ve never met any of them in person (came close, a few times) – but still feel like a part of their lives. Remember these names:
Myne Whitman: Mother-blogger. Legendary author. Opinionated. You’re honoured if she reads your work. And, her commenting is equal to bagging a grammy.
JayCee: Loves God like no one I’ve read from. Cares genuinely for a dying world. All you need is to see that one post!
LDP: This bro MUST inspire you; it’s his life’s goal!
TolulopePopoola: She’s walked the walk. So, when she talks the talk, we can only nod the nod. Her ‘in my dreams it was simpler’ series is one I will never forget – for the coordination, the coverage and sheer depth.
Kennisblegad: One really deep bro. Sincere to the last fibre. Doesn’t post too often – but each new one is well worth the wait.
OlafusiMichael: Real genius, this one. Excel grand-master by day! Left an open challenge on his blog – and yours truly took him up on it. Called when I ran into ‘major’ excel trouble at the office. Of course, he breezed through it!

#Shalom Productions ~~~> Gospel music studio that sprouted from downtown Ile-Ife. Remarkably sophisticated for its location (#NoDisrespect), Shalom has been recording gospel artists for the better part of three decades. Some of these artistes have gone on to blaze national and international trails. Shalom is most popular for organizing an annual festival of christian music – livingspring. Proud to be a life-long ambassador of the brand.

#HomeNAway ~~~> Some humans have mini-visions; the more privileged have full vision. There’s yet another set – the ones with hawk-eye vision, who blend the mini with the macro and know just how everything fits together. They know when to grab the pen – and when to call in a another hand. This is an ode to everyone on whose blog I’ve ever guest-posted. So, for the idea, for the opportunity and for the respect! [PS – Loads of WIPs too]
@Obafuntay: Really deep brother. Preaches and practices just as good.
@Dhamani_: Pretty(&) diverse, “online real-time”. Few do fiction better! Her string of aliases will leave you pale in the face.
@SeunAlade: Here’s what I wrote about him on his birthday: “BDay #ShoutOut to a special friend and bro @seunalade! Soft in speech, deep in mind, careless with cheer, epic with the pen n warm at heart!” Bro called me a ‘wash-man’ for that. Lolz. He now knows I mean(t) every word, tho!

@adekunleGold ~~~> One of the memorable people I met during my service year in far-away maiduguri. I remember us staying up late to scout for flight discounts on Aero. Lolz. Inordinately gifted. Writer. Composer. Singer. Legendary graphic artist (you probably already used one of his crazy dps). Model. Ladies-Man, … You’ll generally find him anywhere around creativity. Unmistakable member of “The Bridge“, with tracks featuring Skales, GT Da GuitarMan – and, of course, themselves!

Paragon ~~~> A team of 32 young and dynamic professionals. These guys have changed my life in more ways than I can recount. They’ve taught me team-work, respect, business, community development, strategy – and a whole new definition of fun! And, to think I almost passed up the opportunity to work with them? Belz, Meeko, Quack, Asiwaju, Kiddie, Dehleh, Baba Shen-Bee, Barb, Molzie, Damsel, JoomSkit, Onojay, Bam-Bam, Lake Da HandiMan, Sheg, Tonia, Pa ID, Bashi, Nesta, Bhoom, Olizzy, Tamzie, Janetti, Mazi JP, Shegeh_Bee, Zippie, Gochez, Rizleaky, Ndor_Beh-Beh and Rash stick out for inexplicable reasons. Oh, shoot; that’s the whole gang…

Mayowa Owolabi ~~~> Let’s keep this simple n short; business-style. If you’re looking to do ICT business or e-commerce and haven’t spoken with him, you’re still greasing the pan! He’s got the Dudu’s in key places. Dudumobile made our lives easy in #AIESECIFE. Just google the name.

@HexyDre ~~~> “Big bro” in every sense of the word. Most intriguing is the way he seems to keep it ALL together. WazobiaGooners, a gig with 360knobs, a not-so-personal blog and a fairly intimidating professional layout. Loves his sports channel(sss). Wit and humour are the major highlights of all these connects. Some of us still miss the old detective stories, btw!

@Som1twisted ~~~> In a class by himself! He’s got a lot going. So I’m always inspired whenever he drops by to say “we’re still waiting for a post o”. Crown-prince of social media. Model. Shirt-maker. Chics-magnet (by default). Very goodt badt guy!

@Temis001 ~~~> My (pocket-sized) html/css/coding consultant. Blunt. Intelligent. Darn fast reader. Olympic tantrum-thrower. No one does those funny BB faces better!

@Mfoluwa ~~~> Good friend. Cute (nose). Serial first-commenter on #DeMeStified. Can’t live without social media. Loves her (yellow) garri!

OmoRegee ~~~> God-lover. Tough as a leather cookie. Opinionated. Blog-sis!

@AyoB_ ~~~> Just almost-met this bro. Pretty good with the web. Even better at coordinating. Alariwo attests to that!

May ~~~> Epic dramaqueen. Delightful conversionist. Can watch TV for Africa. Good cook – but hates to. Getting her to this blog was once a chore. Thank God for turning tides!

@Aramaanda ~~~> Proper corporate chic 😀 Unrepentant blog-crawler. Cat eyes. Loves a good swim!

@Teetooraj ~~~> Correct funky Alhaja. Bloody intelligent!

#TeamMayfair ~~~> You guys may get an apartment next to MJ’s on the moon. Doesn’t matter; MayFair is what I choose to remember. That’s where I learnt major lessons in friendship – and I remember that everytime we speak – #DeMeStified or not! Thanx Busca and RJ!

The Source ~~~> Easily the most diverse group yet! Here, you meet the crazy, the gifted, the uncut, the great – even the confused. One thing is for sure, though: these one are no pushovers! This is for #GreatIfe. Sadly, the list is endless. So, I’ll just ask @LohdLippi, @ToniKuyinu, TMC, DR Shimoshi and @Timimatic to pass on my regards!

@AiesecIfe ~~~> Soldier come soldier go – barrack wear face-cap for snow! Lmao. Arguably my most fulfilling moments in Ife were spent with you guys. Yet to meet another pack of young individuals as gifted and committed to results. You guys taught this incorrigible grandson of a cow-farmer how to dress. But, more importantly, I learnt an invaluable approach to teamwork and problem-solving. Easily the most diverse group yet! So, big shoutout to T-Lakes, @Faywinks, @dNudo, @Lawunmi, Lamide, Bisayo, Collo, Victor, @Lummybolt, @Pathoneymix and @SirMtay. The real list is, of course, endless!

@Seye ~~~> If you’re discerning, you can tell from his e-presence alone that he’s in charge of his realm. Not sure I can say we’ve met. Remember a certain encounter, however. He walked into my office and my bosses started throwing a signatory bashing over the new website. Amidst all the dust, I just walked past and slipped him a note. It read: “@SeyeKuyinu, we’ve been watching you. Goldfish can’t hide. Signed: Imisi”. Totally forgot to frame the look on his face!

Nothing but pure love and respect for y’all and what you stand for!


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