abOut Imisi

Being part writer, part photographer, I like to think of myself simply as a storyteller. I consider my life an unraveling story – and I often feel like a character in many of the stories I write. Sometimes the feeling comes before writing; other times, it’s many years down the line. Of all the stories I’ve come across, I’m most fascinated by those of the the soldier, the monk and the sojourner!

When I’m not thinking of the next story, I’m trying to justify investments I’ve made (or caused to be made) in Electronic & Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy Engineering degrees.

I should warn that any sense of perfect articulacy, intelligence or eternal maturity you may get from my works (or words) are merely an edited exaggeration of reality. I’m as flawed as God made men.



Imisi Osasona (in the real world) | @bRinEstAkeS (where many reside)