Dirty Hands [Part 1]

“Courage is not the absence of fears. Rather, it is the ability to do the necessary – in spite of prevalent fears”

There is no chance, no destiny, no fate, that can circumvent or hinder or control the firm resolve of a determined soul” – E.W. Wilcox

Are you familiar with the Russian Roulette? It’s a game (invented in Russia) played with a revolver and a bullet – amongst all other ingredients. A typical revolver bears six bullet-slots. To start the game, all the bullets (except one) are emptied; then then cylinder is spun and loaded. Six bullet slots, one bullet, one spin and one squeeze of the trigger. Implication: there is a one-in-six chance that what used to be the participant’s brain-matter would become the subject of a cleaning exercise. So, calling it the “ultimate gamble” is not far from true. There are two popular ways to play: with the gun to your own head {in a reckless show of courage} or to the head of another (like twisted Russian Lieutenants did with Privates).

Actually, asking whether you knew this game was a bit redundant. You might not know it by that name – but we both play it. In fact, everyone capable of completing a thought process plays that game. Still wondering how you’re concerned? Hang on, we’ll get there soon!

Let’s keep our thoughts within Russia for a little while longer – in spite of the finger-numbing cold.

There once lived a mystic; monumentally mysterious in life and in death. An adjective to fully describe the extent of mystery that covered him is yet to be forged in the furnaces of grammar. His every action reeked of controversy (in its most fermented state) as he rose from peasantry to fame (more correctly, notoriety)! Interestingly, for healing the Tsar’s (emperor) ailing son, the Tsar made him his sole adviser. He was so revered that the Tsar obeyed the very twitch of his nostrils. His name was Grigori Rasputin and by accounts from many quarters, the simplest question he ever caused entailed the reason for his gruesome murder. It was bad enough that Russian noblemen had to watch in ire as a peasant became the sole adviser to their Tsar. They could also stomach the rumours linking him with their Tsaritsa romantically. There was however one thing they that broke their restraint. One act that, by their judgment, was too much. As at the time of Rasputin’s death, everyone had grown accustomed to his despicable drunkenness, sexual indiscretion and unfathomably controversial lifestyle. Yet, people were surprised when Rasputin’s corpse was found poisoned, castrated, shot four times (with one to the head) and drowned in an ice lake. What exactly could he have done to deserve all that? What was that one thing that was greater than the aggregate of all his previous sins?

Rasputin’s fate was sealed by one “silly” piece of advice he gave out. He asked the Tsar to take personal charge of the armyand lead them out to war! Pause for one second! Why does that sound strange? Why did the noblemen take mortal exception to that counsel? Think about it! Why did it sound strange that a king should lead his troops into battle? Why would I risk my life for a cause my leader is not willing to die for? Why submit to a boxing coach who never hit a living adversary – or pledge my allegiance to a captain who bears no scars of battle? If the CEO won’t invest in the company, why should I?

By my {unpublished} economic model, every reputable firm should have two GMs: the General Manager and the GateMan. Yet, there is no legal injunction against both being leaders. In fact, they were both designed to lead. The second biggest lie of all time is thinking (and/or saying) that leadership is tied to a job. {BTW, the first would be calling OBJ a fine boy}. So, what (or who) is a leader? Leadership is the readiness to take responsibility (entailing courage, focus, patience, dedication etc) for utilizing resources (human and otherwise) to realize a tangible vision. Leadership is preparedness for responsibility. A leader tells tomorrow what it should be – he doesn’t wait to be bossed around by life. A leader is a careful planner – one who would eliminate as much of “random” as he possibly can from his activities. “The patient dog eats the fattest bone”. Hmnn! Femi Yoloye once said the impatient ones eat the meat! And, brooding over that, I realize it’s true – dogs actually prefer meat to bone! How about “Good things come to those that wait”? The best of life are for those that strive!

The earth is filled with two kinds of people ONLY: Leaders and Bullies. A bully isn’t necessarily the over-sized over-aged kid in class who picks on the little ones. Whoever makes others pay for personal shortcomings is a bully. Two kinds – and we all play the Russian Roulette. Indeed, we must. Someone must take the fall. But of a 6.7 billion (approx) planetary populace, who? Tough choice! Erhmerhmerhm! HELLO! How about you? How about you begin to take responsibility for your actions – for tomorrow? “Oh, blame PHCN”. “It’s the naija factor”. “It’s just my nature”. “Our leaders are too corrupt”. Blame whatever you can lay your hands on – you’re lucky those elements can’t respond! A leader picks a cause he believes in and puts his resources (sometimes, his life) on the line for it.

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11 Responses to Dirty Hands [Part 1]

  1. Jaycee says:

    Putting one's resources, yes…but many are afraid to die. About Rasputin, was anyone able to investigate what really happened to him? Who killed him & why? I know it seems as though the Emperor ordered his death because of Rasputin's suggestion that he lead his own army, but still was it confirmed? Yes, in the world today…don't we all play Russian Roulette? We talk a lot and give reasons to our cries, but where's that one person who's ready to die?Thought-provoking piece!

  2. hmmm Leadership is truly a sacrifice of multiple resources and no it isn't tied to a job. Carving every bit of tomorrow with preparedness is a necessary responsibility and yeah at one time or the other I think we all do play the Russian Roulette. Thoughtful piece of work.

  3. darol2020 says:

    ….wow you are so right it is so easy to lay the blame of our actions at the feet of others….but as we see that has taken nigeria no where and let us even forget nigeria, it has taken alot of us no where!very nice work and i love the fact that you keep your audience by adding humour to stufffs that are really serious …..it is captivating, very!

  4. Imisi says:

    @Jaycee: That Rasputin guy was just …..! A number of boox have been published which shed more light, tho! No one wants to die for anything these days! Thanx@Kennisblegad: Thanx for dropping by. Thanx, moreso for the insight!@darol2020: Thanx a lot. When I look in the mirror, I see a clown and a serious guy contending with ME for space! loool

  5. Moninuola says:

    From my knowledge of psychology, blaming others is a constant option available to anyone in a crisis and as expected is never the best way out. Most times, the feeling of the fellow in crisis improves but nothings happens to the crisis itself (just like a superficial balm). Taking responsibility in difficult situations is one of the marks of psychological maturity. You might not be able to blame those leaders and bullies who are advanced in age but not psychologically.

  6. A leader picks a cause he believes in and puts his resources (sometimes, his life) on the line for it…Someone said, you are not living yet until you've found a cause to put your whole life into. I feel people (in the past and now) that have found their purpose and put their whole life into it, are the leaders of our generation. Others are just bullies – or followers. lolI once wrote a blogpost titled "put your whole life into it…" I think there is a correlation. Great words bro 🙂

  7. Imisi says:

    @Fola: Hmnn! Very true talk!!!!@LDP: You're more than correct on that. I will definitely go and dig up that post. I'm sure it has a lot for me! Thanx

  8. Qd says:


  9. misstik says:

    ds is nyc!who wud u blame?D person who got shot or d guy who's lucky?tough cookie!sets me thinking – (hope i ain't no bully). guess u got 2 look back and mould d future starting wt urself!!Light Up Naija!!!!

  10. Imisi says:

    @QD: Thanx!@misstik: Thanx. LMAO at LIGHT UP NAIJA. Really, that wouldn't hurt!

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