iSee [i]

DISCLAIMER: What you’d see over the next 3 (or so) minutes is by no means an indication of a writer’s block [or whatever they call it]. It’s just a few sights that have come off my cameras’ lenses to make me marvel!

Seeing as I’m an incurable shutterbug, maybe we can work out an infrequent schedule for some of the other pics to get seen too. We’ll call those posts the “iSee Series“. Till then, and in no perceivable order, ………

“A picture is worth a thousand words” – Frederick R. Barnard

And, 19? #DoTheMaths

even the clouds disagree – sometimes!!!
…………………….prevention is better than kiosk [me thinx!!!]

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urgent! celestial graphic artist – seeking terrestrial internship




the oracle has spoken ……….. and is now hungry!



be doubly sure




1 (+1) in a million




…………….. 200% naija [#SorryDora]





old habits, ….. come back to haunt you



who’s using a torch up there?



…wow – for want of words…




popular route …… to nowhere



know your right but use your left hand  – just in case


hear it direct from our state-house correspondent ……….


real “light-saving”? that’s when the bulbs give no light! Naija [#SorryDora] For Life!!!


 now, getting marooned doesn’t sound so bad!


PS – get me to heaven while you’re at it!



Sunrise? But I only just slept!!!


 …… grateful


“Hey hole-it there! Wetin you carry?”


Sneak Peek: The Perfect Stranger and Dream of My Dreams are now slugging it out for which comes next. As the moderator, I think I know. Call it “fair-play” – and call me “FIFA”!

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