Remember Not This Face


So, ‘Worlds Apart’ was greeted with mixed reactions. Maybe I saw it coming. Still, I can’t but be sincerely grateful to all those who liked it – and weren’t ashamed to say so. For the maaaaaaaaaaaaaaany who didn’t, I perfectly understand. It was a fast-tracked flirt with an archaic style of poetry. I hated it from the moment that bearded literature teacher taught me many years ago. I’m not even sure how I remember it.

Neeways, here’s another; POSSIBLY my last {documented} affiliation with poetry. It’s the second poem I put up for publication in my CDS’s article. If you (somehow) prefer this to the first, maybe my wackiness is finally rubbing off on you [lol]. Or, maybe practice truly makes for better results. Maybe no one’s really good at anything; maybe life’s all about willingness to try again and again till expected results surface.

As you may already know, my service-year’s fast coming to an end. And, the phase I’m at now is typically characterised by unbridled joy (for the average), nerve, uncertainty and remorse (for us, the ‘other’ kind). So, over and above the parting messages I’m sending out to others, I remind myself to take more away from here than the obvious (its face). This writing’s a silent message to my sub-conscious; pleading that it’ll remember the whole experience for things brighter than blasting bombs, sharper than pocket-swords and much faster than racing slugs! Of course, it should also prod me to do those things that’ll ensure I look back, many years down the line, with a sincere grin of accomplishment!

“For all of its uncertainty, we cannot flee the future” – Barbara Jordan

“To confine our attention to terrestrial matters will be to limit the human spirit” – Stephen Hawking

“At first, it was like we’d never part

Now, heavy lies the lightest heart

Many have walked this noble path

And those have felt this pain for fact


In the short time gone by, we made many friends

Words scattered wide like wanton crumbs of bread

Soon, we’ll set sail for different earth’s ends

Someday, though, these memories will fill our heads


When that day comes, which shall come first?

The face, the works or thoughts of fun had in the dust?

A lot was said; most by grace, some by force

But nothing stays the same; time splits even cart and horse


Time will pass quickly and, if things go to plan

I may soon become a mere dot in a forgotten past

Still, one bright day, thoughts of me your mind would clad

I pray you, let it not be for things ephemeral


Remember me not by my face; that member will certainly change

This dark hair will someday go grey

Comply it must, with life’s imposed expiry date

Then, what will you and all the people say


That the life I lived was temporal; that I laboured solely for the moment

That from making impact myself I did prevent

That instead of taking charge, others I did send

That from sharing love, shut were all my vents


Or that I said a lot by words but did more by works

That alliances like steel I forged and to crises I brought accord

That when all and more were spent, my last I gladly brought

And when oppression clamoured loud, its rants to me were naught


It’s finally come that day

To go our separate ways

But this one thing I pray:

Remember me, then, not for my face



Editor, EnP CDS”

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15 Responses to Remember Not This Face

  1. misstik says:

     Yayyyy!!!!first 2 comment!!!!!! 2ce in a rowok this is WAYYYYY beta than the former 1…kinda guess it depicts u in it…. u've probably graduated into the pry sch for poetry….u can still learn abt it….just remember not the face of the bearded lecturer!!!!it's good tho…can rel8….

  2. Harry itie says:

    Nice one man… iLike

  3. Myne Whitman says:

     This is really good, and it helped that you shared the preamble of thoughts that gave rise to it. Well done!

  4. I just love the panache.. the compactness of your style of poetry. I like the message in it and like the end goes… I would perhaps like not to be remembered for the face only (should I leave this earth one day), but for the things God has through be done in the heart and lives of men. iLike.- LDP

  5. Imisi says:

    Wow! First, twice in a row? You're really on a roll!And, you promoted me already? I'm elated; it'll be great to have you as a coach oh *winx*. Thanx

  6. Imisi says:

    Many thanx, bro! And, great work with YADA too; very impressive n decent awards! How's Zamphee?

  7. Imisi says:

    Thanx a milli, Myne. Your words mean a lot. Good thing you're there to learn from! Really glad you like it

  8. misstik says:

    hmmm..i dont think so..cos when i write……wont say anything….but @ least i know a gud writeup when i c 1…and a beta 1..

  9. Olopadetosin says:

    Dude, ok, i don't do poems much but i think this is great. Didn't know you write, so what other surprises should i prepare for. Really nice!

  10. Imisi says:

    Choi! C over-modesty oh!

  11. Imisi says:

    Heeeey! Countless thanx, bro! I really appreciate your saying that! I do a little occasional pen-to-paper oh! Lmao, those r urs to find oh, bro!

  12. misstik says:

    who's modest?!! u havent seen any of my write-ups o…..

  13. Hmmm…it's hauntingly beautiful (particularly like stanzas 5-7, stlll thinking of how to tiff them…) Was this one picked then?

  14. Imisi says:

    I know just what you're capable of, sis! hehehe

  15. Imisi says:

    Thank you too much, sis! I'm truly humbled

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