Ms Onda Shtood

Hi. Welcome back. Trust the year’s rounding itself off nicely at your end? Today’s post is not what you’d call a ‘regular’. Hope you like, still.
Any man who knows all the answers most likely misunderstood the questions” – Frank Sinatra
Have you ever been in the eighth paradise? You and your crew hanging out and just ‘chilling’ like you’ve won a world coup and nothing else mattered but the moment? You exhaust the fun and then make some more? The world will swear you’re high – but what do you care? It’s the time of your life!
You revel in that and neighbouring moments. This time, your crew owns you; the rest of the world can roll over. But, then, just as you tell yourself nothing else matters, it happens. She walks right by.

She’s perfect by standards the world is too ordinary to define. Everything: top to bottom, past there to her shoes and right back up. She’s perfect. In fact, she’s not. She’s unreal. But, no! She’s real – and your friends can see her too. So, you brace. This is your catch. You’d share a drink and lots of laughs – but not a girl. Certainly, not this one!

 You brace. You stutter at the feet and stagger at the lips – but you’re soon sailing towards perfection. Time waits for no man. True, but it waits for you. This time, you’re a god – and the laws of mere mortals are but echoes in the hills.

 “Hi, Miss. My crew and me, we just won the world over. We was having a good time, then it turned perfect. We climbed the clouds and saw the stars in full glory. It was all perfect until you showed up. Your shoes, your skin, your knees, your walk, your eyes, that smile, they make a fool of the sun. Nothing in that old world appeals to me anymore; my tent is with you.  And, if you have but eleven words left, let them be your number. Your heartbeat will be my command and I’ll call you ‘Teleios’. Look, it’s not me standing here; I’m blown away. Help me feel my feet.”

 For the first time, she looks up at you. Nothing conceals such blushing. “I take it you’re not from around here. I cannot believe you’re actually speaking to me right now. Notice no one else has come close. I mean, do you know who I am? Haven’t you heard the stories?”

 “Babe, the only story that matters now is the one you write with me. Even as a bottom-feeder, I never ate from the rumour-mills. So, talk to me and I’ll listen. It’s a better job than being president of a whole planet.”

 And, like that, she starts. “That girl over there, the one in the purple dress? That’s my best friend. She’s a bit of a loner. In our world, like poles attract. Her name is Conn, daughter of Mr Struud. The other one, with the nerdy glasses? That’s the darling around these parts. She’s Dr Chief’s only daughter. Her innocence is like a giant magnet. Parents speak the world of her – but I don’t like her very much. And, if you knew what Conn and I know, you wouldn’t too. But well, we don’t complain anymore. They say there’s this man called ‘Fate’ that hugs us all while we sleep and dictates the future. I’ve been staying up all night just to catch him and ask why Conn and I get blamed for Ms Chief’s crimes – and why no one ever believes us!”

 This is news to you. “So, you’re not perfect?”

 She sighs. “No, I’m not. My father is Mr Shtood – and I’m his unmarried daughter, Onda.”

 Now, it hits you like the uncivil guard did Karen. “Oh, you’re Ms Onda Shtood, best friend of Ms Conn Struud, hater of Ms Chief? They say it really sucks to be Ms Onda Shtood – but, hey, it doesn’t matter. I’m standing really close and I like what I see. Shall we?”

 *Sighs deeply* It really sucks to be misunderstood. So many times, for reasons we never know, our best intentions end up being misjudged. But, what do we do? Quit and move over? Naa. It’s never a big enough reason to stop being us (provided we’re sure that’s the very best we can be)!

 If you wanna share a personal experience about being misunderstood, the comments feature is open below. Thanks for the time.

BTW, I’m adding another page to this blog. There, I’ll post random videos of how “#@%##” my life often gets. Let’s call it ‘CiMeMa’. I hope it helps you know me better.

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10 Responses to Ms Onda Shtood

  1. no1fan says:

    haha… i saw the twist coming. Being misunderstood def sucks especially when its with best intentions. I've been misunderstood quiet a number of times, i probably don't remember instances, the feeling is not pretty thats what makes me try my best to understand people's actions and see things from their perspective.i'm far from perfect, i misunderstand people alot, but i try my best not too. P.s: I've noticed a few typos in this and your previous posts, no big deal but then, can i edit your posts before you put it up? would be a pleasure 🙂

  2. I like being misunderstood. Tells me I'm still the enigma I think I am. Nice one, as per usual, and I really like the idea of winning a world coup. 😀

  3. misstik says:

    Why didn't my comment post earlier?!!! I was supposed to be second. Moving on…I don't think I have much to say.Sometimes, being misunderstood can be a pain. Especially when you are being blamed or reprimanded for something you know nothing about. The worst part is when you're trying to explain and you're being told you don't listen and ish like that (my mind usually goes, "dude, you're the one not listening").I think we should give people the time to explain before we hit the gavel.*drops 1 kobo in offering basket*.P.S: too many experiences to share..I would have have written another post already.

  4. So deep! I like d twist… Truly it sucks to be misunderstood and especially when u keep trying to explain what u actually meant and seems no one's listening. Thumbs up bro! For dis lovely piece

  5. Imisi says:

    *Hugs* Haven't we all been down that road? The more we explain, the less they hear. Thanx, sis!

  6. Imisi says:

    Ehyaa, I'm sure we can sort that out with Kayode. He's a proper gentleman. Lolz.The world-famous #AwkwardMoments are born out of being misunderstood. Great point, there, about taking the time to hear people out.*Pix up one the kobo*. Nothing is ever too small in this starving world!Thanx, as always!, Misstik

  7. Imisi says:

    Hahaha. You, sha!!!Don't tell me you've been thinking Hitler (again)? Lol.Thanx, bro. Really appreciate your coming over!

  8. Imisi says:

    Wow. It's one thing to hate being at the receiving end; it's another to realize that we can be just as guilty of this as anyone else. Really large-hearted of you.*Hahaha. You make me remember the early days. I found myself scouring posts for errors weeks after posting them. Now, I'm just too excited to have the opportunity.*Thanx a lot for dropping by (and for the offer).

  9. adadenco says:

    nice one dear

  10. Imisi says:

    Thanx, Adadenco.On your site right away.

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