Jegaism Reloaded

“No one planned for what happened to happen. Man proposes but God disposes” – Prof Attahiru Jega

Hi guys. I’m terribly sorry for how long it’s been between my last post and now. An awful lot has happened in all that time: me getting four different jobs, asides CDS, church involvement and my personal life– which covers way more than photography, writing and tweeting; me doing some soul- and head-searching for the next big steps; me holding down a Saturday night radio show in a town with a 6pm bike curfew; me knocking off my modem subscription (yea, corps members aint exactly the wealthiest of folk) and me skipping a scholarship exam to teach my kids! A whole lot’s gone down here but I’m guessing an apology’s the most needed at this time.

So, once again, I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.
Also, I’ve gotta say a big shout-out to all the guys who clicked the “follow” button in all that time. You’re greatly appreciated!

To Jaycee, Omoregee and my Zamphee homie, Harry who tagged me, I owe you guys big. And, if it’s any consolation, in spite of how late it is, please note that I see my promise in the mirror everyday! Very soon, now; very soon!

As a “true” Nigerian, and in the spirit of undiluted Jegaism, the real post has been postponed; this is just an “accreditation” exercise. A few things you might want to know, though:

1) I’ve been doing some writing lately, but if they are ever to get seen here, I’ll be having to post via mobile! I’ve always dreaded that; guess I dread missing you more.

2) What point 1 means is this: a lot of all the fancy fonting and colouring may have to make way– at least for the time being.

3) I’ working on a fairly big project and may need you to get involved at some point. Please don’t say no!

4) I may also be knocking off the fancy commenting feature so all the (we) guys on mobiles can get to post comments too!

I think I’m really tacky at writing poems – and I’ve got evidence too! The first one I wrote got tossed right back in my face by the articles compilation team of my CDS– and without explanation too. I’ll probably put it up sometime so we can all share a good laugh!

Hope you remember I got voted in as Editor/President of the CDS a while ago. Well, the time draws near for us to produce our masterpiece– that magazine that would be the “mascot” of our administration. I told my team that converting our infinite potential into reality was only going half-way; making immortal history was to be our goal. I even threw down a challenge for the crew to match me for speed (knowing how slow I am oh!) and quality. Trust me, right now, I wish I hadn’t. Maybe some of my own entries might make their way up here.

Forgive my rambling. Bottom-line is I’ve missed being on here; I’ve missed you guys. And though the next few entries may not be pretty De-Me-Stified is definitely back!!!!!!!

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7 Responses to Jegaism Reloaded

  1. I hope you blog more often….im a new follower 🙂

  2. Imisi says:

    @yemmie: I look forward to that with great delight. Somin tells me the good times r around the corner, tho! Hehehe. Glad to have you on!

  3. Honey says:

    whats CDS? lol..I have no knowledge of this thinss

  4. Imisi says:

    @Honey: oh yes, u really have missed quite a few things! Hope life's bn ayt with u? Btw, CDS means Community Development Service; it's an integral part of ur service year!

  5. darol2020 says:

    ….apology accepted….lol….and truth be told i actually have missed your work….would be happy to read your poems, am sure they aint as bad as u might think….so welcme bck!

  6. darol2020 says:

    ….apology accepted….lol….and truth be told i actually have missed your work….would be happy to read your poems, am sure they aint as bad as u might think….so welcme bck!

  7. Imisi says:

    @darol2020: thanx so very much for the warm welcome! Glad u don't mind d nu "boring" and straight-faced mobile posting approach! About those poems, we'll see! Not promising anything oh! *winx*

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