Stylish n Versatile

“Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone” – G.B. Stern
“The value of identity, of course, is that quite often, with it comes purpose” – Richard Grant

Before we get started with the day’s business, I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the delectable folk of the blog-world who tagged me in their various “Stylish n Versatile” posts. I’m also apologizing for how long it’s taken me to put together a response. So, Jaycee, Omoregee and Harry, thank you ever so much.

A quick recap of the rules:
1) Thank the people who tagged you and link back to them
2) Tell us 7 things about yourself
3) Award 15 other bloggers
4) Contact these bloggers and let them know they’ve won!
So, inhale, exhale and ………. shoot:

First, you have to know that I WASN’T BORN THIS WAY. I was once so shy that I could stare at my face in the mirror; so clumsy I mortally stabbed myself with a dagger-sharp pencil, knocked over my bro’s birthday cake and smashed loads of eggs/Chinaware. At some point, I even resolved to talk as little as was possible because my lips had a habit of muddling up whatever my brain sent down. A lot of that has changed now. And, don’t ask me the things I’ve had to do to get here. Thing is: there just always comes that moment when we choose to ignore what the odds say and decide to become our own persons!

Next, I’ve got to admit I COULD BE a wee bit DELUSIONAL. I sort of believe I have some super-powers; that nothing is impossible; that I could someday make today’s heavy-hitters feel like time-wasters. Forgive me, but my confidence is sometimes misleading! And, can you blame me? Thing is: I’ve discovered that the difference between average and extra-ordinary people is the attitude with which they go about their everyday activities. If that’s the case, why don’t I just inflate my attitude digits? The question of whether or not I’ve got the other components can wait! Trust me, few care to test you beyond the first impression. I’d typically walk into an exam venue like I set the questions – even if I didn’t have enough time to read!

THERE ARE THREE (3) OF US. There’s me the “official guy”, me the clown and me the nerd! And, each of us has a not-so-well-structured timetable for expression. A few friends would swear heaven and earth that I’m a never –serious compulsive clown, others would bet their last garments to prove that I could never smile and a totally different set may just sit back and say “he’s no harm to anybody. he’s just a bloody nerd afterall”. So, what do I do? Surprisingly, nothing; I’m usually too busy trying to harmonize the trio to notice what makes the news! That’s my real vocation!

I’M SUPER-CURIOUS. One reason I’ve been called a lot of names over the years is because that curiousity, very often, pushes me to embrace the absurd. An idea’s popularity is the last reason for me to tag along; I’d always like to know why the other’s been discarded. Yea, you can say I’m not afraid to be in the minority. Actually, I find it a very comfortable place to hang out; far from all the noise of sycophancy. Curousity claims to have fathered adventurousness and, pending the results of a genuine (non-China) paternity test, it may not be very wrong to assume he’s correct. Therefore, you just cannot begin to imagine how far these two have taken me; the things I’ve thought of/up, foods I’ve tasted, questions I’ve asked, places I’ve check out, …… #NuffSaid

I LOVE ART. And, you know as well as I that there’s no exhaustive definition of the word. I have (and listen to) all sorts of music – Pop, RnB, Rock, Blues, Fuji, Afro-Beat, Juju, Alujo, Reggae, Rap, Hindi, etc – and they all have their place. It’s incredibly difficult to pick one over the other. In fact, my taste for music is so broad that I reserve special love for music in languages I do not (yet) speak: Spanish, Italian, Hindu, Swahili, etc . I see art in everything: dialogue, dressing, night-lights, toothbrushes, stationery, the list is endless. Seeing street-lights at night (no matter their colour) leaves me inspired. It’s always a very fascinating feeling; like hearing the world say “come and get me”. I intend to oblige someday!

I ALSO CONSIDER MYSELF A MASTER OF DISGUISE. Erm,…. that probably didn’t come out right. You’d NEVER see me attempting to infiltrate the white house dressed as Abraham Lincoln, or dress as a pregnant woman to avoid cops after looting a state’s treasury. Still, I do not like to be predicted ‘carelessly’. I really hate for a random stranger to look at me and say (or think) “I know this dude. he’s just like the other guy; he’d go for option X”. So, I’ve got all types of ‘walks and talks’ – and my dressing, always for the ‘occasion’ (as defined by yours truly). I know exactly what to wear for the ‘classifyers’ to put me in whatever class takes my fancy. Trust me, if you’re used to seeing the ‘official me’, I’d pass you unnoticed when I’m shopping for a bargain. Long story trimmed to size: You do not / cannot really know me until you come close. Maybe all humans are inherently like this; I just add a little effort to mine.

I may not look it, but I’M OVERLY METICULOUS; constantly sucking in little details from any and every thing around me. If we’ve communicated (physically, via email or over the phone) more than twice, I can quite easily tell if we connect again and something’s out of place (Ref: unproven superman claims). As random as my room may appear, I know exactly how every item in it is arranged; but, more importantly, why they are arranged so (“why is always a better question as how”. lol). When I’m not sucking in tiny bits of information, I’m over-assessing the bits I give out to be sure they represent my person/intentions best. If there’s an awkward pimple on my face, I’d like it to be obvious that I’ve made peace with it!

Erm, the rules said to mention 7 things. Oh well, I sometimes ENJOY BENDING THE RULES. What’s the difference between bending and breaking as far as rules are concerned? Breaking is often a result of ignorance or pressure. Bending, on the other hand, is a product of research; a calculated attempt to exploit partially-concealed loopholes for profit. If you ask me, that – in very simple terms – is business! Rules-bending is, above all else, a testament to (some level of) intelligence; afterall, you’ve got to know the law before attempting to exploit it!

If you’re anything like me, there’s a whole lot I haven’t said that can be deduced. That said, and at the risk of you someday claiming to know me more than myself, here’s my blog-stop!

And, my awards for my most Stylish n Versatile bloggers go to:

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11 Responses to Stylish n Versatile

  1. Omoregee says:

    '…..there just always comes that moment when we choose to ignore what the odds say and decide to become our own persons!' True words.Very interesting 7/8 things…..I hate being put in a box too, n I can so relate with 'the 3 different guyz'.Lol! It's nice to know you more….

  2. Harry says:

    Love you opening up about yourself… iLikeThanks for the award. Even though I have done this already too. But feel free to check mine out 😉

  3. Imisi says:

    @Reg: lolz! My pleasure, anyday! Sure u despaired (at some point) over whether or not this was still coming!

  4. Imisi says:

    @Harry: U did another? Cos I checked thru yours a veeeery long time ago!You know me na – always open like d gates of saint peter! Lolz

  5. Myne Whitman says:

    Those were interesting things to find out about you, some had me laughing so much. I hope you'll be the clown when we meet, and I can ask you to read my mind. LOL…Thanks for tagging me.

  6. Kennisblegad says:

    hmmmm. very interesting read Imisi. Thanks for the award. I truly feel compelled to get it done with now yo.

  7. Imisi says:

    @Myne: Not to worry; the circus-chap is never mo than a stone-throw away! Lol

  8. Imisi says:

    @Kennisblegad: Welcome anytime, bro! I'll be here to read as soon as you're thru

  9. Congrats Imisi. I like the delusional part – Its not the same for me though, I usually would feel like without God, I am in trouble.. hahaOver meticulous – hmm… perfect somebody! hahaNice bro 🙂 I've already done mine sha. U be late comer. lol- LDP

  10. Imisi says:

    @LDP: Yeah! We shld all get that feeling; whatever r we worth without God? Btw, lmao @ "perfect somebody". Who is? I'm very late oh! I know that one for a fact. Praying for grace to keep up! Thanx

  11. Imisi says:

    @Reg: lolz! My pleasure, anyday! Sure u despaired (at some point) over whether or not this was still coming!

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