All Because of You

Hallos! Sorry for my long ‘vac’. If you’ve been following the news or my pointers, you’d know that I’m done with service and far away from Maiduguri by now. I left Maiduguri on the 18th of June – and I’ve already been to Abuja, Lagos, Ife, Ibadan, Oyo and Iwo in that time. Where I really am, however, remains a classified secret (lol). Still, however hard I try, thoughts of the good times / adventures I had during service stick with me like a shadow. Maybe it’s a little too soon to attempt forgetting them – or maybe such are never meant to be forgotten! They could just be the type of foundation awesome futures are made of.

My next few posts may be infused with a lot of such experiences – or their reverberations;please bear with me! Today’s issue is my farewell speech as I stepped down honourably (Cc: #TeamGbagbo, #TeamMugabe) as the Editor of the Editorial and Publicity CDS Group, Maiduguri!

A lot of people think it’s all a show when I credit the EnP CDS for 80% of the happiness and success I felt during my service year – but it just isn’t so. Every single member of that unit has worked hard to teach me something new. They have all been remarkable people. I like to say “may we never meet again except at the top”, though I’m convinced many of them will rub shoulders with kings. So, a quick shout-out to the (former) Batch-B members of the Editorial and Publicity CDS: Friday Abiamuweh [AKA Abia One Love | Fashion/Graphix Don],Robo Atariata [Statistix Guru], Bidiak Uloh [ AKA Bill Bidiaque | Movie producer], Ojevwe Imonirhua [Seasoned Accountant], Pius Nnahiwe [Marketing Intelligence Consultant], Rosemary Oko [Media Whiz], Clara Ojukwu [Fashion Analyst], Christie Unakalamba [Teacher] and to my successor, Efreman Edet Phillip [Communicator/Communication Analyst], ten times my worth on any scale, thanks for perfecting my success! There’s absolutely no doubt these guys have glorious futures ahead of them. I’m quotably convinced many of them WILL become household names in Nigeria and beyond!
*April 22 2011: Today, I begin typing my handing-over speech – not because it’s due soon; rather, that I may someday learn to write my will long before it is needed!*

“A few months ago, I mounted a similar stage to this and asked you to make me your Editor – a request you graciously granted. When we took up the reins of this administration, we made many promises. We said the ultimate aim was to take our infinite potential, beyond reality, into immortal history. We said we wanted to reclaim our rightful position and glory as the state’s number-one CDS.

 “After all is said and done, more is however always said than done”. Yes, we made many promises; we said a lot – but it is my firm belief that, by your hard work and dedication, we also did a lot. Today, our active listenership on ‘Corpers’ Forum’ spans further than UNIMAID. Today, we cannot even quantify the viewership of ‘Corpers’ World’. Today, the list of CDSs and organizations seeking to be hosted on our platforms is endless. Today, we have been able to obtain and air opinions of Corps Members all around Borno. Today, the “impossible” project NaviMaid is two short weeks from completion.

 The various teams have returned exceptional results. The news team has turn up week after week to produce inspiring and educative editions of both ‘Corper’s Forum’ and ‘Corpers’ World’. The features team has produced arguably the best edition of Borno Kopa this state has ever seen and the project team has delivered on ALL of its projects. Today, I believe we can all hold our heads high with a sincere smile of accomplishment. But all this has been made possible only because of you!

 A few of us may be wondering why we are here today. Is it to celebrate the achievements of a fading generation – such as we are? Maybe, maybe not; it’s partly to send forth our gallant heroes who have risen to the demands made on them by time. But, more importantly, it’s to celebrate the future. Today, the past (us) hands the future of this group over to the present (you). Today we celebrate the acceptance of responsibility by those we must leave behind.

 Looking forward, I must say the first and last emotions on my mind are those of fear. And, here’s why I say that: fear is the last thing on my mind because I have no doubt in your capabilities. In fact, I have explicit faith in the potentials that you carry: individually and as a unit. I have no doubt that you all have what it takes to achieve the impossible. My only fear lies in this one thing: that what took us four months, you will achieve and surpass in four short weeks; that in just a short while, we might neither be remembered nor relevant in the light of your outstanding accomplishments. That, however, is good fear – one I can hold on to!

 It might interest you to know that having been born by 5:45, Sunday morning, Jan 17 1988, I’m easily the youngest member of this unit – second only to our new Features Editor! You have taught me in practical terms that leadership is never by age, size or eloquence! Leadership is simply reveling in the support of co-leaders to forge a brighter future. I have had your support and for that, I will be eternally grateful – but I cannot and will not take credit for any of the things we have achieved over the past four months. They were made possible only because of you.

 In parting, I can only hope and pray that you uphold the legacies of commitment, devotion, selfless and thankless service we have worked hard to build. My most genuine convictions lie in the fact that a brighter tomorrow awaits this CDS – also because of you.

Thank you very much!”

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12 Responses to All Because of You

  1. Myne Whitman says:

    I'm impressed by that speech, and all you guys were able to achieve. Hope the legacy continues to shine…

  2. Good thing you learnt a few… wonder what mine would look like. lol! Nice one dear.

  3. Imisi says:

    Thanx a milli, Myne! I REALLY hope so too

  4. Imisi says:

    What???? You guys 'serve' too in Russia? lol. Not to worry; you'll have loads of fun. Many thanx for stopping by

  5. Awesome speech! Obama should see this, might get some few pointers 😉 From the sound of it, u guys were amazing!

  6. Lukina says:

    This is really lovely. Donno how u do it but u jsut have ur way with words. nice one!

  7. Imisi says:

    Anhan??? Don't let my head burst oh! Thanx a milli, Sis. And, yea, the team was simply awesome.

  8. Imisi says:

    Thanx, Love! I'm truly humbled

  9. You know why I hardly comment on your posts? Well, it's 'cos them leave me speechless. In fact, I am writing this comment just to assure you that I still read your posts.

  10. Imisi says:

    Wow, bro! Now, I'm speechless!!! Who am I without you? I'm deeply grateful.

  11. Nice one bro… You make me wanna do my NYSC too.. lol- LDP

  12. Imisi says:

    You haven't??? I'ma inform Law Enforcement. lol. Twas a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity/experience for me. Yours should even be better!

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