I Don Port Oh!

I Don Port Oh[Image Source]

Hi. If you’ve been a long-time follower of #DeMeStified, then the timing of this post might excite [or worry] you. Two posts in as many weeks? Not sure we’ve had that here since 2011!

Every post over the past year has had to contain some form of [subtle] apology for the long preceding silence. Somehow, I get the feeling that’s about to change.

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference” ~ Reinhold Niebuhr

Before we move on, I just gotta say a big “thank you” to all of you who took the time to read [and actually share] Nothing Makes Sense. It was pretty silly [and inconsiderate] of me, really, writing a story backwards. Literally had my heart in my mouth as the post made its way into the blogosphere. And then, the stats started pouring in – and I was amazed.

I didn’t mention in my last post that my pals Busca and RJ lost their dad. [Please spare a thought]. It’s just not what one would call ‘interesting news’. In fact, I was really shattered – but we console ourselves and [try to] move on. #GodKnowsBest.

Today’s big news [if you haven’t already guessed it from the title]: I don port ooooooh! Actually, ‘We Don Port Oooooh’. The last #DeMestified post was on a totally different platform.

Finally found the strength to move to wordpress – and the functionality and interaction here are just awesome. I had worried about content and followership on the old platform. But, I just could never sleep easy with all the complaints I got whenever people tried commenting on the old site. The mobile site had a good dose of issues too. I hope we’d all have a lot more fun here – but of course, the grass is never really greener on any side.

Interestingly, this ‘migration’ is in keeping with what’s been up with me lately. This year alone, I’ve had to ‘restart’ practically everything I’ve been attached to – career, habits, gadgets, friends, address, opinions, … Maybe I should be worried. Gladly, I’m not. If anything, I feel a lot better for it – despite it being a lot of work.

Some thoughts ran across my mind as the idea of the ‘porting’ began to kick in. It’s about time #DeMEStified took on its own identity [and left my name for me and Ms bRinE]. The dot.com has been silent for too long. So, I’ve taken my name back and given it what it deserves – a dot com.

This breath of fresh air makes me feel like doing ‘silly’ stuff. So, I’m looking into a few projects which I’ll share shortly. One of them might involve opening up a new page to discuss certain issues – and how they affect us.

I have to admit, looking back over all those posts brought lots of warm memories. Thanks for always being there. I’m really poor with dates – so I’m not even sure how long it’s been. But, you guys have always been there – fuel to the fire, fan to the flame.

A big thank you to @Temis001, @Som1twisted, @XerxesVII and @SeunAlade for helping with the prelim tests of this new space.

Till the next post [which is sooner than we’re all used to], consider this an introduction to ‘DeMeStified.com’.  Please have fun – and lemme know what you think of this new space.


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12 Responses to I Don Port Oh!

  1. Ayodele Osho says:

    This new blog is tight and cute. Bravo brother.

  2. Bami says:

    Bro, this is awesome. Keep moving. All d best

  3. Michael says:

    Firstly, I LOVE this blog template. Makes reading your posts much enjoyable. I’m subscribing by email now.

    • Imisi says:

      Thank you so much, bro. I’m delighted the experience is much better now.

      Seen ur subscription already. Won’t be long before u get a post buzz.

      Thanx, again.

  4. Mystque says:

    Wait, I didn’t see any grass or wild animals on my way here…is this the same place? Can I hope that phase is over? *crosses fingers*
    I told you to port since o, you did not lizen. Thank God, you finally changed your mind/heart. Maybe it was Ms bRinE that made you realize it sha, I don’t know. But thank you o, Ms bRinE.

    @RJ and@Busca, I’m sorry for your loss. May God comfort you and continue to give you the strength to move on.

    Like Lighthouse sang we always want what we haven’t got. We always look over the fence. The grass at the other side may not be greener, but it may be sweeter. However, you won’t until you change. You can always decide to go back to the other side. Well, except you die. No harm in trying sha..you know YOLO. *shrugs*

    Like they always say, change is a constant thing. However, I believe the change that goes on in our lives should be one which will improve our lives and moving us higher, rather than putting us down. However, we should never be afraid of change, as far as we plan to use the positive side to make ourselves, and the world better. *now playing Not Afraid – Eminem*

    BTW, “the dotcom is silent”…SERIOUSLY?!!! Hian..I shall not comment.

    *drinks chilled water*

    • Imisi says:

      Wowz. This is long oh. I’ve missed u too. *hugs*

      I think that phase is over. Time will teach us better.

      Forgive my reluctance, jare. Sometimes, we just get attached to stuff for inexplicable reasons.

      Funny, Ms bRinE doesn’t even know about #DeMeStified. One of the things she’ll unravel with time. 😉

      What na? Oga at d top said to make the dot com (on #DeMeStified) loud – and I’ve complied.

      Thank plenty, Mystique

  5. Boye says:

    Hey, nice one with the porting. This new site looks softer on the eyes than the previous one. The content has always been top notch though, so having the same quality content on a better platform is like trading a BMW for a Range Rover: they are both quality cars but one just feels better than the other. I ll leave you to decide which ;).

  6. seunalade says:

    Welcome to the wordpress family.

    And, thanks for the honour of being one of the (s)elect few to have a preview of this project before the launch.

    I find it amusing that your “oju kan epa” doesn’t know of this project yet.

    Hope you’d be able to keep up with promise of serving out “meals” regularly from this avenue.

    • Imisi says:

      Thanx, bro.

      Naa. ur presence honours me.

      Hahaha. My oju kan epa and I are an unfolding story. One shouldn’t get everything in the first chapters na – unless it’s NollyWood.

      God give grace, I will. Meanwhile, I should even be tapping you up soon for a silly project. Just tryna visualize it frst. 😉

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