Nothing Makes Sense

Hi. Trust you have been well since my last post. Thanx for being here again. I hope today’s post meets you well. You may find it’s my most incoherent yet, being largely reflective of the past few months. I’ve tried to keep it short – but it appears I failed again.
Today, we query the very essence of logic. We ask ourselves a few questions that may help us see things differently. We may never have the answers we seek – but asking alone is more than half the walk.
Before we get started, let’s just run through a few interesting things that have happened since the last post.
*I smashed the local record and came down with malaria four [4] times in 10 weeks.
*I tuned up on one of my many hobbies and started the #512iMagInG photography line. I’m thinking to open a new page on here and show you a few works.
*Remember the woman I met a while back? Well, she’s now [officially] “Ms bRinE” 😉 . She hates my pancakes – but warms up my world otherwise!
*Just when I was getting rather good at it, I resigned from my 9-6 [actually, 6-9]. There’s this thing they say about ovations, noise and bowing out. Not quite sure I remember how to phrase it.
All that said, let’s get to it.
“Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen” – A. Einstein
“What we observe is not nature itself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning” – W. Heisenberg
People question the need to change a ‘winning’ team. We’re taught never to trade the known for the unknown – to persist with the assured. But, what guarantees do we have that’s not premised on the uncertainty of our next breath? If anything, time has taught us that is the illusion of comfort is the worst form of suicide. What if the logic we have come to know actually works in reverse? What if to be more, we must [first] be less? What if we find we’re all first-class entries? If we realized there was no generic standard for success, would we still be in the rat-race?

The brain is only so powerful because it chose to put other parts first; because it gave up its voice that others may speak freely. It is what it is because it chose to be nothing for others to be worth something. It makes absolutely no sense. It violates the very logic upon which we were weaned. Can it be coincidence that we come into the world with clenched fists and leave with palms sprawled out? Could it be that the highest form of enlightenment is to seek a centre outside one’s self?

It took many years after that to understand how the brain works. It aggregates and processes everything from everywhere else, but shows itself no regards. It feels everyone else’s pain – everyone except itself. It didn’t make any sense; it still doesn’t. How could something so pivotal have such a fundamental blind-spot? How can an entity ignore itself? At first, it seemed like a design flaw. Then, I realized that that very ‘flaw’ is what makes the brain the body’s Czar. Other organs may fail; the heart may cease – but life goes on until the brain retires.

Growing up, I remember seeing a documentary of Joni Eareckson’s horror accident, paralysis and rehabilitation. Questions flooded my mind; it was quite a lot to take in at that age. One seemingly insignificant thing I recall from the movie is that she was wide awake during the brain surgery. I could never understand that.

Have you ever been asked how to put a giraffe in a freezer? I hope your first answer was a lot better than mine. Simple as the question is, it highlights the fact that we are inherently exaggerated; defaulting easily to grandeur! Why can’t we find peace in the simple? Why is it so hard to imagine that zero could be more powerful than a billion? What if logic as we have come to know it were flawed?  Why do we read forward a script that runs backwards? Why do the dots of [a forward] life only connect backwards? Why did JamalMalik’s excruciating past only start to make sense when he got on the hot seat? Why do we, sometimes, learn more from failure than success?

They say nothing lasts forever. We take it to mean it’ll all end sooner or later. That our labours and triumphs – all we strive to become or achieve – will fade with our last breath. It’s true, but only because we see it so. What if reality were slightly different? What if the statement actually means “only as nothing can we last forever”? What if it’s a subtle reminder that in order to be anything of note, we must strive to be nothing? My English isn’t yet good enough to tell humility from meekness – but I remember a certain “blessed are the meek”. I recall, also that the one who said it gave up everything to become nothing and now lives forever. What if the world’s greatest number was actually ‘zero’? What if the way up is actually to stoop low? What if common sense were a farce? By what metrics do we even measure power?

What one number is powerful enough to make nothing of a trillion? What do we all overlook yet secretly crave more of? How much joy do we feel when our ten becomes a hundred, and our thousand a million? What number can turn everything on its head by merely showing up? What if all we seek is summed up in the spurious ineptitude of zero?

If you had to pick the most powerful number known to man, what would your answer be? What is that one number that all else should aspire to? Would you go the default route and pick as close to a billion trillion as possible? Would you follow instinct or defy logic?

I hope, by now, you’ve realized that the real story starts here and reads backwards? In the end, we find the beginning; we always do! Nothing may ever make sense until that moment. We’re not in a one-off dash. We’re in an unending mix of sprints and marathons, dovetailing one into another in a sequence too simple for our minds to follow. The end of one is only the beginning of another. The pain in one is the lesson for another. The outcast in one is the hero of another. Maybe the cipher would be easier to read if our eyes faced backwards. It’s an absolute marvel, the [hidden] logic of our lives; how the seed must first die before it can live. How we may never understand the paths we walk until we look back. How sometimes, to achieve more, we only need to do less. Nothing makes sense; but sense itself is little more than we make of it.

Specially dedicated to all who have devoted their lives to finding answers to impossible questions.


PS – Here’s a link to a silly video I made for @adekunleGold. I actually mean to thank him fo being such an amazing pal – but you may just catch me subbing him.

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11 Responses to Nothing Makes Sense

  1. Ojo Olumide says:

    What's that thing they say about questions been more than answers eh? Thinking about the post title and all these questions make me wanna go the way of nihilism

  2. Unknown says:

    Oh! Wow! Look who writes. Been forever, we/i missed you on these streets.This is what our lives should be about. Stooping. Returning to zero. Emptiness for fullness. Logic cannot explain it. Faith, It wasn't even designed to make sense. Knowing that you have to be broken to be truly whole. Knowing you have to be empty to be filled. It cannot make sense, logically. This has been my prayer for a while, empty me. I want to be zero-ed out. THAT is what my life should be about. Thank you for bringing this. The Sense out of nonsense. Still – no1fan.Write more. 🙂

  3. Michael says:

    This is very deep. You're right, we've got to let go of every feeling of being more than nothing. I'm working on doing that. I am living a no secret life; having nothing too dear to share or talk about. It makes me freer and more creative. I now do things for the pure joy of doing them.Thanks for this post.

  4. Jennifer A. says:

    First, congratulations on taking the leap of faith & leaving the 'ordinary' of the 6-9 for the 'extraordinary' of your present work. And for Ms. Brine. :)Can it be coincidence that we come into the world with clenched fists and leave with palms sprawled out? Certainly not. As I was reading this, a verse came to mind: the foolishness of God is wiser than man. A verse that falls in line with not making sense with logic. As powerful as our brains are (and as powerful as God has allowed our brains to be), we still fall short behind the Master-Mind Himself.You have such a profound reflection here. Great read.

    • Imisi says:

      Thanx too much, J!

      Very true! Everything we know to think or concoct is nothing compared to the Master’s brilliance. Interestingly, what we find this overwhelming is only a glimpse of Him.

      My best to the fam. 😉

  5. Imisi says:

    Nihilism??? That's extreme oh. Certainly not the point of this post. Life is beautiful, meaningful and definitely not without purpose. But, we have got to see things in the right light – to understand that things may not always be as they appear. And, above all, to marvel at some secrets that have remained hidden in plain sight.

  6. Imisi says:

    Thank you for aptly summarizing this. That prayer is one for us all.Definitely missed being here. Will work at it. 😀

  7. Imisi says:

    Wowz. That's an exciting application. Life is a lot more fun that way.Thank you for reading, bro!

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  9. oluwadunni says:

    Hayyyyy. Loool. This made sense forwards and backwards. You made me go back to read it the right way, but it wasn’t a waste of time. :p
    So unconventional. I like how your mind works. 🙂

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