Solemn Souvenirs


Hi. Welcome [back] to DeMeStified. Happy [belated] Eid.

Michael did a post a while ago about some of the weird things he does and I made the mistake of commenting. Now, he’s asked that I compile and post a similar list. Hopefully, you’ll see it soon. The next post, however, should be the start of a series featuring a few of my favourite contemporaries. Still piecing the central idea together.

I threw a #SpotTheDifference challenge a few days ago about a picture I took and had to retake [cover pic for Potential Independence]. I had forgotten to clean the scales on the tap before taking the initial shot. Interestingly, only three people cracked it – and that’s from all of facebook, twitter, whatsapp, bbm and God-knows-where-else. Some of the attempts just reminded me of our inherent tendency to complicate otherwise simple things.  It was a load of fun, though.

“Keep your best wishes, close to your heart and watch what happens” ― Tony DeLiso

“Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game” – Michael Jordan

In the last post, we discussed the fulfillment of potential. What we forgot to mention was that we’ve got all sorts of potentials. No blame for assuming it was all about work. Quite a lot of us believe that, for life to have full value, we must labour to the dying embers of our strength. But, it’s hardly the case.

There’s something that has kept the earth ‘alive’ all these years. It’s called – in the simplest of terms – balance! The earth revolves around the sun – but never forgets to spin. Revolution and rotation; forever in planetary accord. One without the other would mean eternal winter or summer or day or night for different parts of the earth. Unthinkable chaos, mimicked only by a life without balance.

The most understated fact of human existence is that we carry as much potential for fun as we do for ‘real’ work. And, a lack of expression here is just as detrimental. A teacher of mine once studied so hard that he forgot how to spell ‘BUT’ in an essay. All the more interesting because he was my English teacher. The “five-minute-madness” thing, though grossly exaggerated, is not entirely myth.

We all want to plant a flag at the summit of our careers. We maybe even dream of battling the demons of work to death and standing victorious over their mangled remains. But, sometimes, the harder we work, the harder it seems to get – until we cool off. Today’s post is about the expression of a different kind of potential – cooling off.

The fire never really dies; watch a grandfather with his grandchildren. His expression of fun might have been stifled by age or society’s perfection of him – but in the presence of those little things, he may just lose himself and let it all out.

I don’t want to wake one day, feeling like the man who spent his life stifling laughter only to blurt it all out in his old age. It’ll be sad to realize in those grey years that life’s fun simply passed us by. In the end, memories are all we have. They’d be the souvenirs our hearts clutch when our hands are too weak to hold much else. They’ll engulf us like whispers from a million hair-strands. And, it’ll be nice if those moments could resurrect the smiles, reminding us of all the fun we’ve had.

I finally put up a list of things I must have done or experienced before my last breath. While some are no more than mere cravings, others have some explanation.

  1. Sky-Diving

Imagine being reminded with every passing second how much can go wrong – and yet persisting on a cause. This sort of experience re-emphasizes the nature of the future. It will come, whether or not we brace. Just like being born, once you take that jump, there’s no going back. You will ‘meet’ the ground; the question is ‘how?’. It’ll also be great to watch reality gradually blur into focus. To see the meaningless dots and specks grow in stature and relevance. Of course, the adrenaline rush is undeniable. And if the first attempt doesn’t spill juice in your pants, very few things ever can. This one, I must do in a few months.

  1. Aid-Trip

I plan to take a humanitarian trip at some point. To travel somewhere far and desolate as a relief-worker, leaving all else behind. This craving is not easy to explain – but there are some things one just has to see to appreciate life and well-being. No amount of reading or hear-say will ever come close to firsthand experience.

  1. Re-Propose

A proposal is always a good thing – the laughter, the smiles, the kisses and tears. But, forgive me – bum that I am – for a bit of skepticism. We’re not really expected to propose to a random passerby. I mean, she must have been expecting it in some way – so some of the drama is a bit overboard for me [again, forgive me]. But, how about one finds a lousy excuse to gather a truckload of friends and family in a room, gets down on one knee, pops a ring and asks his darling [and legal] wife of many years to marry him? Just for the looks, the laughs – the whispers and shivers! Yeah, I have such plans. Good thing Ms bRinE doesn’t come here.

  1. Soccer

I intend to play soccer well into my fifties [God give grace]. But considering the law of natural selection, I’ll be stupid to think I’d still be top-brass amidst a pack of teenagers. So, how about I just own the football club? That way I’d be picked anytime I want to play. Okay, that’s not entirely true. I’d just really love to be able to unite a pack of kids through soccer – particularly those who don’t have much else to look forward to. I’d like to be able to provide them the support and resources to become enviable individuals and sportsmen. Of course, I’d want to play ball with them too.

  1. Autobahn

This one is pretty simple. I’m sure you’ve heard of the Autobahns. They’re German expressways without official speed-limits. If anything, you could be fined for driving slowly. Here’s the plan: Buy an Audi [RS8, RS4 or A4], have it shipped to Germany. Meet it there, ‘test’ it out on the autobahn and have it shipped back home [wherever that is]. No lessons here – just plain old adrenaline and tons of silly. Of course, the car must be a manual drive!

  1. Rock

Not sure if ever mentioned how, growing up, my parents tossed my siblings and I into a kids-choir. Means I also forgot to mention that we gradually waltzed our different ways out. I even went as far as damaging my voice to sound masculine. It was all a little too late, though; the fire was already lit. I keep having this yearning for a musical performance. And, I strongly suspect it’ll be rock. Nothing too serious or professional – maybe just a pack of bored guys. I’ll drum, play the bass or back the lead singer up. Should get to learning to play bass soon. We have to value what we have while we do.

  1. Temples

I plan to visit a few temples around the world and go the whole nine yards – costumes, [some*] rites, etc. India and China are top of my list. I’ve always imagined the feeling from movie scenes. To sit with a pack of strangers, totally lost in culture and language – but connected by the tranquility. Of course, I won’t be totally lost; I’ll be getting people to take pictures with/for me.

  1. TV

I’d like to have a TV feature at some point. Not sure yet what it’ll be about. Maybe a little acting or some sort of documentary?

  1. Travel

You know how people dread traveling and tend to complain before, during and after? Well, some of us are the exact opposite. We love road-trips, air-strips, all sorts of trips – even mind-trips! I like how the chaos of the airport gently transforms into order. How total strangers sometimes go from seatmates to friends. How patterns sift out of the randomness through the pores of purpose or destination. Plus, a good escape is needed every now and then.

  1. Cook Outs

My bro and I once tried to invent a delicacy from boiled paw-paw. It didn’t go too well – but that was ages ago. Things are a lot more edible now – a development I’m truly proud of. So, every once in a while, I love to have friends and family over and actually do the cooking. It’s been a while since the last one, but I intend to make a regular feature of it. Of course, it’ll be unannounced or at very short notice – so no one factors me into their feeding calendars.

  1. The Loan

I keep having different ‘best-friends’; I count seven now. And, each is actually my best friend as per a context of my life. I figure someone is going to want to know who my real best pal was – maybe long after I’m gone. So, to resolve this I’ve come up with a rather convenient theory. I’m going to take a loan from one of them and refuse to pay back. Nothing major; 500 bucks tops. Whichever amongst them I owe that money to when I pass would have been my best-est friend. Then, I can chill somewhere on the road to heaven and buy a map with it. The others don’t have to know.

There goes my non-exhaustive ‘todo list’. I’m sure a few items will creep in over the years – but I don’t intend to let any fall out.

Please be free to share any of the fun things you have planned for the future.

Can’t leave without mentioning my long-running battle with Ms bRinE. She’s, at least, 5-10 times smarter than me – and she wins quite often. But, this time, I think she’s picked the wrong fight. She wants me to live till 120 – or at least plan for it. She’s even dug up some scriptures to support her stance – but I won’t be convinced. In fact, I’ve threatened to stop feeding well and exercising after a convenient age – hoping it hastens my exit. I’m not a huge fan of living ‘overtime’. I believe in staying long enough to fulfill potential, and then a little longer to raise credible succession. Anything after that is borrowed time – and a wise man keeps his debts small.

Thanks for being here. See you in the next post. And, don’t forget to have fun. A silly video here may help get you started.


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37 Responses to Solemn Souvenirs

  1. Olumide says:

    No comments! I only needed a LIKE button & luckily I found the one from Facebook!

  2. oluwadunni says:

    Beautiful. You really are adventurous, it’s admirable. “They’d be the souvenirs our hearts clutch when our hands are too weak to hold anything else.” That’s a priceless line! 🙂

  3. enilama ik daniel says:

    BrineStakes, 9ce one, thumps up bro,goun ve dt list duplicated fr miself.

  4. bolathinksbig says:

    your writing is flawless!

  5. thonia says:

    wow Brine…incredible write up, thanks for sharing and rekindling the appetite….fun its going to be all d way.Have fun and see u in the next post

  6. Yeenker says:

    Pretty good list I must say, funny how about 5 of these are on my to-do list. I don’t comment on blogs but found it irresistible to appreciate this piece as your writing always captivate me! Keep it up and the tempo going as steady as they are now unlike before 🙂

  7. Michael says:

    Wow! Thanks for the mention!

    Here are my own fun things planned for the future:
    1. Publish lots of novels (already writing one)
    2. Be fluent in French, German and Spanish (already learning French)
    3. Start a music radio station, no annoying radio presenters, just music and adverts 24×7
    4. Scuba Diving (already perfecting my swimming strokes in preparation)
    5. Own and run an investment firm

    And that’s all!

    P.S. I noticed the link to my list of weird things is broken, so here is the link for those interested in checking it out –

    Thanks again!

    • Imisi says:

      Wowz!!! Michael, you have smashed the record with this one oh. [We both know the record in question]. You’re welcome anyday, na!

      RE: #3. Maybe when the bored boys n I are done with the rock track, I’ll come lobby for airplay. Rotfl

      Sorry, for the error; WP wasn’t redirecting the link right for some uncool reason. @Temis001 has helped fix it, tho.

  8. Ibiwumi says:

    Well written with lovely intentions and plans for the future. I quite admire your acknowledgement of the fact that the end will definitily come one day. Living one day @ a time, having a set of activities/plans/goals to fulfill in the course of one’s existence as you have done is a very interesting one. I’m not sure if your will is ready though or you are already thinking in that line, Lol.
    Surely you’ve got a very interesting life ahead with those experiences listed above. Enjoy the grace and strenght to live a meaningful life and to fulfill your potentials. Cheers.

    • Imisi says:

      Hahaha. My will was ready at age 14 oh. Gotta make a few edits, tho; my toothbrush was a different colour back then. Lolz.

      Thanx a milli, Ibiwunmi.

  9. realkaydee says:

    The first one was “Sky-Diving” and i was like this is a “suicide list” or “Ways to die”,then the interesting ones followed.Just transport Sky-Diving to the bottom of the list

  10. Misstik says:


    I see you have become regular over here. That’s very good. Now to comment on the post:

    Wait, for the spot the difference puzzle, were the two images side by side? If not, then the number who got it is irrelevant.

    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, all play and no work makes Jack a stupid boy. some work and some play makes Jack a *shrugs*

    Sky diving? For me, no. Not ready to pee in my pants yet. Maybe bungee jumping. Aid trip, maybe for me..Re-propose? Make a video, so we can all watch. After all, we are family :|. Make sure it is not on April fool. By the way, how much is Aso-ebi? Let me start booking.
    Soccer? Thought you said you had abandoned it?Still on the manual driving? sigh. No one wants to hear you sing. (Psst, make a video to and add it to #cimema). TV? You? *lips sealed*

    Not surprised about your travelling. Cook-outs? Please give me 2 days notice. And make it regular periods. Every 7 days or something. N500 abi? No problem.

    Wait, did you say I should publish my want to do fun things? Err, you see, well (._. ).. you know.. No. I am not..I’m too shy ( ._.) x_X.

    You have still not introduced Ms bRinE to us.

    *Drops N500 on the floor and looks away*

    • Imisi says:

      Hi, Misstik.

      The breath of fresh air is really inspiring.

      Back to being first to comment? You must be so relieved. Lolz

      Yeah, the pics were side-by-side. Lewscruz was on the winners list. 😉

      Abandon soccer? How na? That small tiff was never going to last na.

      Na waa for you oh. Why beef my singing? If Konga could get airplay, ….

      You and this shyness, sha. Lord have mercy!

      Relax, jare. You will meet Ms bRinE in due course! 😉

      PS – I never said anything about the currency oh. 😛

  11. pearlyeyes says:

    I vote to be in your rock band and I call dibs on being the lead singer…lol
    PS: there’s a 500naira wit your name on it in my wallet *wink wink *

    • Imisi says:


      #TeamRock is taking shape one croaky voice at a time! Shame toh bad people [Cc: Misstik]. 😛

      ood thing I still know where to find you. Thanks, jare.

  12. hehehe! this is a lovely write up… i know the 1st thing on my list is to get a really fast car… the 2nd definitely is the autobahn….
    The last part of this write up is crackin me up tho…

  13. Boye says:

    Ha! Imisi, quite an interesting bucket list you have here. I might have to revisit mine soon. Seeing yours shows me that I havent got enough adrenaline experiences in mine.

    I like this statement: “Anything after that is borrowed time – and a wise man keeps his debts small.” I usually get into the same argument with my mum of how long is long enough. Somehow, we differ on a decent age to make an exit and none of us bends to the logic of the other.

    Great write-up.


    • Imisi says:

      Hahaha. Issokai, bro. Lemme know when you publish the revised edition. 😉

      It’s not the mom you should be worried about (she should be long gone by then) – it’s the wife. So, next time she’s on your case, just let her win. “Okay, mom” usually does the trick. Lolz

      Thanx, Boye.

  14. Ayomiku says:

    Can’t just stop laughing! Wooow… I’m always down for the cookout…(Our last minute spag things); skydiving???Nah! would go for bungee jumping tho… I need to put my list together tho…still here and there. Beautiful write-up as always.

  15. I enjoyed the piece, just as usual. Thanks man, more grace…

  16. Olaotan04 says:

    Lol I got a few similar adventures from up there, especially Autobahn. Good writing as always man .

  17. Imisi says:

    Thanx a lot, bro. Good to have you back.

    And, if we do meet on the AutoBahn, ……

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