Terminal 8: Medical Allowance

Terminal 8

Hi. Welcome (back) to #DeMeStified. As usual, I start with an apology for the silence. Usual as it may sound, this time was different. I promised in the last post that the next was going to be a ‘silly series’. The team and I have been working on that. Sometime later, I may be sharing the post I was sorely tempted to put up hours before the Paul Walker crash. It was about my race-car uncle, a Brazilian – and their fatal crashes. Thoughts of the promise just wouldn’t let me post anything else before this.

Today, we kick off the ‘Terminal 8‘ series. Parts of it may remind you of yourself or someone  – but it’s essentially a string of posts themed to appear random and totally unrelated. Life, though, is anything but that!

Think you know where this is heading? Comments box is open below. @Dhamani_ takes this opener. Enjoy!

At 5:30pm, my bags were packed. I’ve never been in such a hurry to get home. NEVER! I just wanted to get away from here, the drugs, the smell, the eyes and the beds. Moreover, I had to get some groceries before the stores closed.

I hated the train stations for all they were – dirty, crowded and old. But, somewhere in my mind, I knew the train was the fastest route from work to those incredibly cheap stores. That’s what you get for living uptown and working in the middle of nowhere.


Sometimes I wonder what things would look like if I didn’t have a life outside this job. What if I didn’t have friends like Moyin to keep me on my toes constantly? I’d probably wake up to syringes stuck in my hair or find test tubes all over my bathroom. Life doesn’t suck with the right people.

I had just entered the boarding terminal when Andrew’s call came in, distracting my thoughts.

Hey, Andrew!!! Ummm… I just got to the train station. Finna get to Morgan Groceries. Why?

I’m coming now” I yelped in joy.

He was right in front of my house. What a surprise! He wasn’t even supposed to be in town. The boo is here; the groceries can wait for all I care! Tonight has to be good! Ah… it’s going to be a damn good night!!!

There’s nothing as beautiful as being in the arms of the ones you truly love. Be it your mother, sister, friend or lover. The sweetest part of this fact is the possibility of one person taking up all four roles. Words will never comprehend the joy Andrew brings to me heart – my brother, friend, lover, better half and soon to be father. I can only pray he is the one… that he would be the one to finally put a ring on it.

I stretched out my fingers to fantasize about how perfectly the ring would fit. I really wished I could stay with him all day –but I had to get to work. So, I served him breakfast in bed, told him how to warm lunch and rushed for the bathroom.


 “Sir, does anyone know what time this happened?

Well, he was brought in after midnight from the train station that takes you to Morgan’s… you know…

Wow!” was all I could say. To think I was at that same station yesterday!

Enough of the talking, let’s get to work”, the doctor tried concluding the conversation.

Once again, I pondered what could have happened If Andrew hadn’t called. What if I had been hit by strays in an attempt to kill this man? What did he even do? I cringed.

“How many gunshot wounds, Doc?

We don’t know for certain; some went right through. But, so far, we count one in the right knee and two to the upper chest – very close to the left shoulder. Two others hit his neck and cheek. He’s a very lucky chap to still be alive. The internal injuries he sustained are another story“.

He could have died! Can I see him?” I asked concerned.

Oh yes, you can and will! You will be spending quite some time with him too. Go to ICU, 8D and relieve nurse Bankole.”

Relieve?” I asked confused.

Yes relieve. That’s all the duty you’ll be doing today.” He said grinning.

Very well sir.” I replied in the most unconvincing manner ever.


It would have been just fine if all I had to do was sit and stare at the “all important” patient. It’s just 5:17pm and the doc has already come in 70 times! I just want to know how much help I can be to a man who is in a coma – one who is oblivious of anything around him. Now it made a lot of sense why Nurse B was so eager to leave. With the doc snooping around so frequently, she probably almost went into coma herself! The way he’s acting makes me feel like a novice on a house job. I almost feel like I’m the one being watched.

Has he moved at all? Blinked?” He asked, interrupting my thoughts.

Sir, he is in a coma”, I replied slightly annoyed.

Don’t people get out of coma?” He retorted.

Yes they do sir, and if he does get out, I would call your attention to it.” I answered distractedly.

Alright, then”, he said as he made for the door. I sighed.

There were already missed calls on my phone. It had to be Moyin. Who else would be calling at this time and persistently? I’m sure it’s about our outing; perfect timing.

6pm was here again, and the next nurse couldn’t be more eager to begin her shift. I smiled as I walked down the hallway with my bag strapped close. Really can’t wait to meet up with Moyin and the rest of the girls. There has to be more to life than just work.

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15 Responses to Terminal 8: Medical Allowance

  1. Misstik says:

    First right?

    Uncle Imisi, we are so used to the fact that you always apologize in every new post, that it looks a bit awkward without the apology -_-

    Okay. a mo ving to the post. Nice one @Dharmani, it was a goodd read, although a bit disjointed. An example is the last paragraph of the first section.

    My question is this though..is the next in the series going to be a continuation, or a totally different story? I don’t want to run my mouth too much before I receive ela now..

    Looking forward to the next.

    *Picks up lion trap*

    • Imisi says:


      ‘Uncle’??? Why u tryna pile age on me na?

      We did mention it was themed to be ‘random’. But, no worries. I’d be surprised if it makes total sense now!

      Why should I spoil the fun for you? All I can promise is: it won’t be long before it drops! 😉

      Thanx, as always, Misstik.

  2. Marian Assin says:

    There definitely is more to life than work

  3. Ayomiku says:

    Lovely write up; away from the norm. I like! I can totally relate with this, although I’m nt a medical staff but sometimes, we just need that minute/hour/ day off work to get a life. Can’t wait to read the next post

  4. Imisi says:

    Glad you likey, dear!

    Next episode is just about 10 days away. Michael will take that.

    Thanx for staying close, Ayomiku! 😉

  5. boye says:

    Interesting read. Will need to see the rest of the series to fully understand it though… Pray tell, is it like another person continues this story or @Dhamani finishes what she started?

    • Imisi says:

      Isn’t that the beauty of ‘random’? Makes absolutely no sense – until it does!

      Micheal will take the next episode.

      #SpoilerAlert: I don’t call these guys [some of] my favourite bloggers for nothing oh! Lolz.

      Thanx, Boye!

  6. ehidiamen okojie says:

    Oga imisi, why do we have to wait for 10 days, I think its time you start considering your readers o

  7. Imisi says:

    Ehyaa. Sorry na.

    You guys are my priority oh – but we can’t serve you half-cooked food. Don’t worry; we’ll work harder at it. 😉

    Thanx, Ehis.

  8. bellaunited says:

    Hmmm imisi, now uncle imisi* the story had a flow until it got to d last paragraph however I also like d way u picked it up n d flow cont’d almost effortnessly.
    Kudo dude!» There much to life all there is

    • Imisi says:


      See what this @Misstik has caused now. *smh*

      This part of the series was actually written by @Dhamani_. So, kudos duly forwarded.

      Thanx, Bella – and pls stay close; things get a lot more intense in the coming episodes 😉

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