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Pot of Beans

“Until we’ve eaten our words, life doesn’t consider our diet balanced” ~ Imisi Hi and welcome back to #DeMeStified. Please allow me to open with what was intended as the conclusion; this life is one greasy pot of beans. What … Continue reading

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Terminal 8: Friend In Need

Hi, and welcome (back). Thanx for all the love you’ve shown the series so far. We didn’t plan for the break to be this long. Glad we can pick up from where we left off. Happy val’s in arrears. 😀 … Continue reading

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LoopBack X

Hi. Thanks for being here again. Merry Christmas in arrears. Trust you had lots of fun, good company and food. Today, we talk about the invasion that is upon us. [Image Source] “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for … Continue reading

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My Beautiful Assassin

  [Image Source] “A reputation for a thousand years may depend upon the conduct of a single moment” – Ernest Bramah “I am today. Yesterday is my father – and tomorrow, my son” – Imisi There are many things I … Continue reading

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Three Sides To A Coin

[Image Source] Hi. Trust you had a fun Christmas/New Year break. I really wish I could have been here sooner. Can’t bore you with excuses, though. I intend to keep today’s post short and straight to the point [think I … Continue reading

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Sky-High Ground Rules

[Image Source] A man once said “Without rules, we are nothing but savages“. Then, another said “Rules are but imaginary boundaries waiting to be crossed by the adventurous“. If I absolutely had to go with one of them, I’m still … Continue reading

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