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Hi. Thanks for being here again. Merry Christmas in arrears. Trust you had lots of fun, good company and food. Today, we talk about the invasion that is upon us.
“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning” – Albert Einstein
Somewhere in space, a commander is preparing to take over the earth. If media reports are anything to go by, he draws closer with every passing second. We have been warned; General 2013 is almost here. We don’t know what or whom he will bring in his entourage – but we know ourselves and the least we can do is prepare.
They say today is already gone; “may luck smile on us tomorrow”. I say damn aged luck. Even in youth, its arms were too weak. Let’s look upon yesterday to teach today the language of tomorrow. Maybe it can learn to say ‘we pledge allegiance’. Fine if luck joins us. If not, we won’t miss her.
Only problem: nobody really knows where yesterday lives. Bloody bodies, eternally constrained. Let’s leave the worthless things and journey with the mind. Let’s look back on the past year and see if there’s anything we’ve learnt that can lighten tomorrow’s unseen burdens. The real list is actually endless – but we can start with these.
Be happy
When you’re as involved in contact sports as I am, you’ll have a vague idea of what hurt means. But then, you’d also know that it’s not about the cuss-words or funny faces. It’s about how much you can achieve in spite of those hurts. A striker will forever pray to be fouled in the box – even if he’ll be too battered to take the resulting spot-kick. A boxer will pray the opponent hits at the floating arm so he can land a head-shot.

Recently, a boss of mine was wrongly locked up in one of the most gruesome detention facilities in the country. The details of his ordeal are best left unsaid. When he was finally released, he looked at me and said “well, nobody can owe me money now; I have their oga’s number”. Two days later, his long-term debtor paid up after receiving a call from an ‘oga’ of the detention facility.

Anyone who goes about seeking hurt usually finds it. But, life’s way more fun when we’re happy. And, true happiness is both blind and deaf. It has absolutely nothing to do with what’s in the news. It’s a mind-set that eventually becomes reality.

 You can negotiate anything.

Are you familiar with the LG slogan? That’s life for some people; just too good. But, even for those, there’s always that one time when it’s served short. We won’t always be able to thread ourselves through life’s terms. It’s almost like being poked in the ribs before a reaction-hungry crowd. They want to see if we’d put up a fight – or just roll over.

 I had to get a friend a jersey some time back. His hopes were so high even I was relieved when the attendant found his rare size. Only problem was, the attendant was the only one working that part of the busy store. Leaving the store unattended to print the jersey was unthinkable. The ‘only’ option was for me to come back the next morning – by what time I would have been miles away.

 I picked up the (printed) jersey less than an hour later. You’re welcome to guess how I did it! Truth is: we have more options than we see; reality is often just too compelling for us to explore.

 Just stare.

Now, this is a freak inclusion – but it might work for you. Sometimes, the problems we face defy all orthodox logic. For those impossible times it may help to JUST STARE. Now, science may not back me on this, but I’ve come to see that even raindrops have a pattern – we only have to look long enough. The answer to such problems is usually in the pattern.

 Some nights ago, I burnt a large pot of stew (and tons of meat). I’m not very proud of that – but, instead of misery, I re-learnt something. I found there was a bug in my FIFA 13. I regularly beat the toughest teams, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t beat this low-cadre team. Even if I led until the final second, the best I could get was a draw. I should just have shut it down, but I decided to ‘stare’ a little longer. Many minutes hours and a burnt pot of soup later, I won 3-1. How? I made that tough team wear a different jersey. Silly – but that was the ONLY thing that worked!

 God sees the heart; man simply CANNOT!

“Nothing is ever what it seems”, “Trust your eyes to deceive you”. We’ve heard all of that, yet we humans are not so wired. We cannot really see one another’s thoughts. So we hold on to what we can – and sometimes, that blinds us.

 You won’t convince an interviewer you’re happy on the inside if there’s a permanent scowl on your face. If you’re sneaking about someone’s compound late into the night, you’re likely to get shot! It won’t matter if you were anonymously watering his garden. Once, I accidentally shut down wireless service to an 11-floor office. The only saving grace was that my boss and his were aware of what I was trying to do. Of course, there was some lashing – but it was lighter.

 Until you have, you didn’t!

I’m convinced life’s final scorecard is in binary – you’re either a dignified ‘1’ or an advertised ‘0’. In the end, unused potential will count as a ‘0’. No one can really know what we’re capable of. Truth is: no one cares what we ‘could have been’. The greatest proof of our potential is doing.

 Imagine that David hit Goliath’s buddy just to prove he could. I’m not sure he would have had a second chance. There’s no point delighting in mere ability; if it’s worth the thought, go right out and do it! You simply cannot wait till you’re “sure”; no achiever ever is. I wasn’t sure I was ready for my final year till mid-way through my convocation ceremony!

 Spend time with those you love.

I think there are four ‘F’s we should never take lightly: Family, Friends and Food. Pardon my arithmetic, but the fourth (Football) tucks nicely under ‘Friends’. Take some time to share laughs, problems and life generally. Let them know it’s not because you have nothing better to do, but because you actually have nothing better to do!

 Funny, but I find I’ve been inspired to great heights by simply ‘wasting’ time with people I love.

 Eagles don’t carry handbags!

People who try to please everybody end up being just that: everybody. And at the last head-count, ‘nobody’ answered for ‘everybody’. If we’re going to amount to anything, the time will always come for hard decisions. No one’s ever risen to the top without them.

 Instead of brooding over the outcome of a tough call, verify the integrity of the process. If the steps check out, the answer can’t be wrong. When it comes to changing ‘clothing’, neither the snake nor the eagle can afford sentiments. It’s never easy – but they’re better for it in the end.

 Sentiments will only fill our lives with junk. Eagles fly fast, strong – but, above all, light!

 Mayans are too damn slow!

I’ve heard that a certain tribe decided to scare the world! How ingenious. 5000 whole years, before we can take stock and acknowledge that times are changing? Took them too long in my opinion! How about we plan tomorrow today?

 How about we live like the one-day Mayans, whose worlds end every night? And then, if, by the master’s bidding, it restarts at dawn, we bear none of yesterday’s pain – only joy, for life, for love, for nothing and everything that makes us who we are!

 If you ever wondered what the difference between a pawn and a king is, here it is: the king has a plan. It’s to stay alive! Interestingly, every chess player must buy into that. Imagine if ‘The Master’ buys into your life-plans. Now, imagine that you have none.

 Delete that last though and insert a decision to plan for tomorrow. #2013 marches ever closer! We can’t afford to be caught napping!

Happy New Year in advance!

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22 Responses to LoopBack X

  1. misstik says:

    Hi. I see I have finally regained my first position here #BoltThings…Ok, commenting on the post, rather the points stated.You cannot negotiate everything, or should I say you will not get a favorable answer to your bargain. Have you gone recently to the market to buy tomato? Or can you bargain @ a boutique? -_-I'm sure you have heard something like "I am responsible for my actions, but I am not responsible for your thoughts concerning my actions or sth to that effect. Sometimes, we need to explain our intentions before carrying out any actions. It may save time, energy hurt, etc. Sometimes, your "good intention(s)" may be hurting someone else.I remember my uncle telling me, "if you want to hit something, go for it. Don't let anybody or anything distract you". Don't allow anything put you down. You can never know the outcome unless you take that first step.Above all, trust God, be patient and expectant. While waiting for Him, work towards His promises becoming a reality in your life.*Drops two naira* (I'm being generous, it's Christmas time)

  2. no1fan says:

    Thought provoking. We can choose to be grateful for Life and Love, live everyday like it was our last.Be happy thats cant be over emphasised, i pratt 2013 would be a better year for us all. God bless you.Have a wonderful 2013.

  3. no1fan says:

    I agree totally with your comment!! except the part of not being able to negotiate anything, it very possible. btw i didn't know we were competing for first position…. 🙂

  4. ObaFuntAy says:

    Thank you for this Imisi.Insightful.ObaFuntAy

  5. chinwe nnadi says:

    this has got me brooding. Thank you. it came at the right time for me… I totally appreciate your love affair with words…

  6. Imisi says:

    Thank you, brother!Hope things are shaping up at your end?

  7. Imisi says:

    Gratitude: our unmistakable ally!Thank you.Have a great year ahead!

  8. Imisi says:

    Hahaha, you sha! Glad to have you back.Now, this is really loaded. Your uncle is absolutely right. And, as you've rightly said, we can't just fold our arms as we wait on God.Just gotta add, tho, that negotiating doesn't necessarily translate to success. Sometimes, we fail – but we never know until we "take that first step"!Thanx for the thoughts – and time. *Picks up 2naira and hugs giver* God bless!Have an amazing 2013 ahead!

  9. Imisi says:

    You didn't know Misstik had cross-hairs on you? Hahaha

  10. Imisi says:

    Ehyaa. I'm glad you found it useful.Have a fabulous year ahead!#GodBless

  11. Zoeyphoenix says:

    Wow!! Imisi this is some serious food for thought. Very well written. Kept going back to re-read each paragraph just so the words could sink in all over again! Well done man. Happy New Year in advance!

  12. Imisi, report at my office and let's discuss this… this blog shouldn't be the trash can for this post.

  13. Now that's some zenith of a post. May be you overlooked the first time, I will say it again: I like the way you write. Great post!

  14. Dupe K. says:

    Bit of a shock running into this like pow! Brilliant and inspirational. It sits right smack in the middle of the mental street I am on now. I shall be going through again and again. Already favourited. Well done!

  15. DiDi says:

    Food For Thought. Thanks For sharing. Happy New Year.

  16. Imisi says:

    Thank you so very much, Dayo.Happy new year!!!

  17. Imisi says:

    Hahaha! #Yessir.I'm yours to command, sir!

  18. Imisi says:

    Thanx a lot, bro.You're a great source of inspiration!Happy new year!!!

  19. Imisi says:

    Thank you very much, Dupe.I'm glad it had an impact.How's the new year coming along?

  20. Imisi says:

    Thanx for reading, bro.Trust the new year's going great for you already!

  21. thanks for sharing. Great write-up and motivating also.

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